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A newsletter design is crucial for any advertising or promotions about your product or company. As much as the content is important, your readers need to get attracted to the design and the overall visual appeal of a newsletter needs to reach out and grab attention. A poor newsletter design will not only hamper your credibility as a company but will also not hold the necessary intrigue required to promote any product or service. A professional and eye-catching newsletter design is a good way to inform your existing and new customers about your company’s latest ventures. It can be new services, products and any special promotions or discounts offered by you.

A newsletter design is a sure shot way to remind customers about a company’s regular updates and offers and it makes the customer feel important especially if there are exclusive deals or discounts. Many companies lure customers with their newsletters if they sign up for it and mail them limited or elite offers, which is a win – win state for all, the company and the customers. Some companies also offer rewards and points along with their newsletters.

However, before going ahead and creating a newsletter design, there are some tips for newsletter designing which may come in handy.

Inspirations from website designs:
To start off with, a good website design can be considered for a newsletter. There are numerous of website designs available, so there’s no need to limit yourself to a conventional newsletter design when a lot of good ideas and thoughts can be inspired through a striking website design.

Observe competitors newsletters:
To gain more visibility and awareness above the competitors you have who share the same market niche as yours, a good idea is to see what they are offering to their customers through newsletter and the kind of newsletter designing they have chosen. This will give a fair idea of probably some strategies you can use differently to catch the fancy of customers looking at a similar product.

Content is Key:
Never ignore the content of your newsletter. A newsletter design is only as successful as its content. There are many professional content writers that do an extremely good job in case your creativity is not in the language department. Proof reading the content is imperative to avoid any grammatical mistakes. Use fresh content; do not use your old materials from previous newsletters.

Use Plain Text:
A lot of people still do not use HTML based mail services or applications. Sending out your newsletter in plain text is a better option than an HTML mail version. If your newsletter has HTML formatted content, providing a link to the website is advisable.


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