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The future for full functional websites with an integrated blog system and built in CMS (content Management System) is a website designed on the wordpress platform. Wordpress blogs are powerful online marketing tools that help establish you as an expert in your industry. The capabilities of using Wordpress as a website are endless. NST Websolutions understands the vast amount of potential that Wordpress has on the impact of your company's website and for this reason we recommend a Wordpress designed site over any other. NST Websolutions has invested large amounts of time to ensure we stay up to date and competitive as one of the top Wordpress design firms around.

We create 100% custom Wordpress CMS sites and Wordpress themes.

What is a CMS?
In computing, a content management system (CMS) is a document centric collaborative application for managing documents and other content. A CMS is often a web application and often it is used as a method of managing websites and web content. - Wikipedia

Why use Wordpress as your CMS solution?
Wordpress is extremely user friendly and teaching anyone how to use Wordpress is an easy task. The user can edit their home page, blog posts or any other page with ease by just editing the text or elements in the back end of the program. What does this mean? It means that you will not have to pay someone to maintain or make changes for you which in the long run, will save you tons of money. One of the greatest things about having a Wordpress site is the easy maintenance which will allow you to login via your website and make changes to any of the pages at any time.

Can Wordpress look just like a regular site?
YES! When you contract NST Websolutions to create a custom Wordpress site, we design around your companies requirements and make sure that your site is 100% original.

What are the benefits of using a blog?
Every company should be accompanied with a blog design, blogging and social networking are the future of the web and every company should stay up to date with the changes in potential marketing on the internet. There are numerous reasons to have a blog designed, here are a few of what we think are the top reasons:

  • The ability to post daily information about your product to your customers. Show clients any updated information about your company within seconds.
  • Blogs are a search engine's best friend because the content is fresh and constantly updated! It helps search engines to read more content to find your site easily.
  • With the help of plugins many difficult tasks can be made much easier. If you have an idea for something you want on your website, odds are there's a plugin that will do just what you're looking for.
  • It is the best way to make money using revenue ads.
  • The ability to subscribe to RSS feeds and follow updates easily.
  • Easily post many links on your site.
  • Interact with visitors on your blog. They can submit comments on each post. It is a great way to get feedback!
  • Practically NO coding knowledge is required.

What else can Wordpress do for my website?
If you have a special need for your website, chances are all you need is a simple plugin. Plugins are designed specifically for Wordpress and will only work on the Wordpress platform. Plugins offer many different advantages that just aren't available for regular websites. From photo gallery plugins, to SEO plugins, to Poll plugins, to wordpress plugins, the options are limitless. Ask us about potential plugins for your Wordpress project.

Is Wordpress search engine friendly?
Wordpress right out of the box is extremely efficient for search engine optimization and with the addition of certain plugins can become even more powerful. NST Websolutions recommends the SEO plugin for every Wordpress site we design, this plugin is amazing in how much it can help a website get picked up in search engines and also provides another plugin for site maps, which are extremely important for SEO purposes. Wordpress also makes the use of meta tags, an important component in search engine optimization, extremely easy. Wordpress has an uncomplicated URL structure, making it easy for search engine spiders to find and to "crawl" content. With Wordpress and the knowledge and expertise of NST Websolutions, your site will command high rankings in search engines!


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